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Ranville, France Tour Guide: Brigitte (aka. Bridget)

Come with us to explore the 2 beaches where the British paratroopers and soldiers landed on D-Day.

First of all “Pegasus bridge” where the 6th British Airborne Division landed, so close to the bridge, in the first hour of June 6.

Have a drink in The famous “Café Gondrée”, the first house to be liberated.

Walk on Sword beach with your guide explaining you the battle, showing you pictures.

Then, drive along the coast to stop in Arromanches, the town where the amazing “Mulberry B”, the artificial harbor was.

The remains are still visible on the beach 74 years after!

Price : From 480 euros

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-Arromanches and the Artificial Harbour code-named Mulberry B. (museum not included)
-Stanley Hollis action at Mont Fleury Battery
-Pegasus Bridge (museum not included)
-British Cemetery at Ranville
-Merville Battery or Hillman strongpoint
-Sword Beach

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