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Omaha-Beach , Pointe-du-Hoc, Sainte-Mère-Église, Utah-Beach...

British Sector

Sword-Beach, Pegasus-Bridge, Gold-Beach, Ranville...

Canadian Sector


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Unforgettable Normandy, Private guided tours in Normandy about Overlord D-Day operations.

American Sector

On june 6 , 1944, during the operation Overlord the american troops had to land on 2 beaches codenamed Omaha and Utah.
Omaha became “Bloody Omaha” because of the number of casualties (3000) in a day.
The 1st ID “Big Red One” and the 29th ID gave their life on this beach.
Utah saw Teddy Roosevelt Junior with the 4th ID “Ivy Division” land on the norman soil.

British Sector

On june 6, 1944, the british troops where assigned two Beaches codenamed Sword and Gold.
During this night, just after midnight, the paratroopers and gliders of the 6th airborne division had been hardly fighting to secure bridges along the Orne river to open the way to the british soldiers and neutralise the german batteries.

Canadian Sector

On june 6, 1944, the canadian troops where assigned the beach codenamed “Juno”. It was a long beach, hardly defended by the germans, full of reefs and covered by german beach obstacles. Their mission was to land , move inland and link up at the end of the day with their british brothers in arms. They suffered heavy casualties to carry out their Dday Objectives. 2049 brave canadians are peacefully resting in the Reviers cemetery.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. It is visited by more than 3 million people each year. Over 60 buildings within the commune are protected in France as monuments historiques.
Come and discover the breathtaking beauty of this island , made in the rocks.
The abbeye is waiting for you with the Archangel Saint-Michel taking care of you.

Tours from Ports

Private american, british and Canadian Overlord Tours available from Cherbourg, Honfleur and Le Havre ports.

My Name is Brigitte and I am a Guide since 15 Years.

I always had a passion for history and especially World War two. Throughout the years i was honored to meet many veterans who told me a lot of stories that I will be happy to share with you. There are so few of them still alive now and it is very important for me to perpetuate their memory.

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